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Playing Dirty

Playing Dirty - Mickey Miller well, that experiment failed. It failed quickly.

I was wondering at all these positive reviews. I don't think my favorite books have this level of adoration. I thought one of two things: 1) it's great. 2) no one remotely mean had read it.

A PR agent walks into a crowded post game locker room. Why? I'm still not clear. Maybe this is the job. For the social media? Idk. But fine.

Then, nude-ish baseball player makes all kinds of innuendos using this very nuanced style. Putting everything that can be interpreted sexually in italics. In case we can't read between the lines.

Player did this in front of his team, at the best it's offensive. At the worst, it's humiliating. At least if you're anything like me. Both are on the job. Basically it is all of the above to me. Andrea got Jake back with her quick wit, so that's good...I guess...until he leans into her, talks about her legs and also asks her on a date essentially saying he doesn't have the time now so it'll have to be that..the men scoff knowingly, and she... Can't believe her former crush would actual hit on her.

Here's what I love about romance: authors get to play with the power dynamic. They get to do the unexpected. They get to balance the scales. But this was expected. This is shit we have in our everyday. but It's not cute it's not flattering. It's threatening. Hot former crushes can still be huge dangerous pricks. Should I left hope for the rest of the book? Perhaps. But ob-la-di and all that.

Also not if you're going to go into Chicago demographics, your back history and all in a skimmy cheap way.

Then Andrea proceeds to tell us how she got chewed out and wasn't tough enough and all her boss was saying... And then showed us for like 2 lines.

So...tell tell tell. And maybe tell again. Horrible power dynamic/working relationship angle.

But kudos for a heroine that is 6' and athletic.

(Oh, the hero told us how smart she was too. And how competent)

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