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Ravishing the Heiress

Ravishing the Heiress - Sherry Thomas I rate this about a 4.25. I'm big into rounding down these days.

About 4.25 of those stars are for Millie's fortitude. Her stoic pragmatism was something here, and her strength something else.

I won't recap, but I'll definitely say in many ways this isn't an easy read. And it would be easy to malign Fitz for his choices and seemingly constant rejection of Millie, but part of why this book worked was that he, too, was rejected time and again by her. (At least in my eyes. If my spouse is all, "hey, going to meet another lover?" or "hey, jumping off the bed when you are sexy snuggling" it'd feel kind of shitty) I'm not sure why he'd think anything but what he thought, and his appreciation of her really did ring true from the very early 'bricks' of their relationship. Also well done was her 'status' in his eyes. This very sweet "no one treats my wife rudely" thing, which could sound ironic, but isn't.

And friendship is such a lovely foundation, isn't it? I think the choices in this book were brave and made for a unique plot. It would be easy to have Fitz hung up on his long forgotten lover but Thomas made her available to him, and in the end that's what set this book apart. I did feel like the end was too quick--would have loved some more quiet scenes from these two once they really start their lives together.

So a couple random paragraphs there, but in the end I'll just say this: I loved their quiet humor, I loved their quiet strength, and I loved their quiet and powerful love.

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