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I’m not done reading, but I’m so ready to review....I sat on his book till the next came out and I have to say, yeah, I’m not sorry. I worried I’d forget the first (I didn’t) I worried I’d be disappointed (I’m not)

Apologies if I spell things incorrectly- I’m on my iPad with a sleeping child laying on me—and I listened.
The good:
Helene becomes a fully formed, 3D human. And it’s heartbreaking
Elias...reluctant mask, hero complex Elias...has a good bit of growth served up to him through side characters and Laia and it’s heartbreaking
Caris and Marcus remain wickedly cold. I like YA fantasy for this at times. Give me straight up evil.
The pacing is breath taking, heart racing perfection and it’s heartbreaking
Sabaa Tahir’s feminism. Lots of talk about not taking away a woman’s choice, and propping up women by women. Subtler things like Hel considering her sisters wishes...oh, and well, the badasses of this book are women. And they are badasses in a myriad of ways. Tenderness, leadership, evil, cunning, love, fire, fight, intellect...

war in an empire, oppression, genocide, elite soldiering, nobility...a young woman of color rising to the occasion. Her counterparts doing the same. I love these characters, I’m with them, this book may not be groundbreaking but it’s entertaining...

Now, don’t read further if you care

There are several things I need to discuss here including the loss of laia’s Virginity...
Elias is fucking....dead-ish.
What the hell is Laia
Ember, torch, then REAPER?
The swoon of Elias’s prayer directed at Laia

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