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Easy - Tammara Webber Ahem, please hold while I gather my thoughts on this....

First, lots of assault happening. You know what, I think it's timely. College campus, entitled _fillintheblank___ boy...boy continues to avoid charges etc etc. Fine. I just felt like there was so much of it, and it wasn't really necessary after the first (2? pages in). I understand that this showcased Lucas's protective side and showed us something about him. However, I think if the author would have trusted her own character-building and relationship arc in the story, we all would've been fine and seen this point in other actions. To me, this is another case of manufactured angst detracting from the story.

But you guys, I love Lucas. He manages to be protective in a non-Christian Grey way. That's non-douchey, if you are wondering. He's realistically reserved, realistically emotional, and realistically gentle without being a pile of unformed goo.

And despite all the misgivings I have, I really enjoyed reading the story. I didn't need some of the violence, sure, but I loved the drama all the same. It felt a little young for my 38 year old brains, but hey, who doesn't want to feel 20 again? And plus Lucas. It had Lucas. That's all.

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