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American Queen

American Queen - Sierra Simone WILD.
Let me sum this up for you. I cannot do this review without spoilers. And I don’t really wanna. I’ll say I had no problems starting this book - I had some trouble reading it. In the dominant relationship, the President was also somewhat cruel and at times humiliating. That didn’t only happen in the bedroom

So here’s the basic timeline.
-Boy meets Girl. But really, man meets minor. At least per the age of consent in this country. Man knows this, kisses and feels up minor anyway. This was a major issue for me because, dear lord, that’s predatory.

-Girl writes sad emails to boy for a year. He never responds. She loves him. She wants to submit to him.

-Girl becomes woman, is celibate. Has only kissed the one man. Is in love with him. This no longer works for me. I mean, one night and holding a flame for 5 years?

-They run into each other 5 years later. Man is now engaged, now woman is heartbroken. So she does his best friend. Loses her virginity. Falls in love of course. Never hears from man’s best friend again.
5 years pass. Is this bananas? Yes. She’s still heartbroken from these two men. She’s still celibate. She’s an academic, daughter of a feminist and borderline TSTL at this point. I’m cool with the ingenue, inexperience if and only if that’s what the woman WANTS. This one appears to be lonely and wanting to get her freak on. So she believes a Merlin. I CAN”T EVEN

-Obvs, the best friend now VP drops by her Georgetown classroom. Asks her on a date. Also says, hey the president is phoning in a booty call, and yeah we all remember you because you are, like, so beautiful and charming.

-She shows up to booty call. President (I’m feeling like I am doing a drunk history right now) is all, hey man, I’m dominant. I don’t really know you but I want to. Call me maybe?
sexy times occur. At some point in this timeline orgasm denial becomes a thing. I don’t enjoy that.
There’s a lot of BDSM that is fine and dandy with me, but don’t deny peeps their orgasms for long periods of time.

-Lots of careening off the other man, the best friend, aka VP aka Embry. At this point I should mention that I dont’ understand her relationship/flame with President as well as I do Embry. She was smart with Embry, their banter was great. They were cute man. I’m cool with submissive in a bedroom if you aren’t spineless. She’s too borderline for me. But only with Ash, aka Mr. President.

-She’s ordered to the bedroom, kneeling, naked, hands behind back to see not one but two pairs of shoes stroll in. At this point, I’m thinking the president is your basic jackass. Sexy times proceed despite Greer feeling uncomfortable. She just needs that orgasm so damn bad. So, I get the voyeur thing too. But she clearly wasn’t into that. she, and this is important, just doesn’t want to say no. It didn’t feel like pushing boundaries or a little discomfort. It felt like humiliation. At this point, the president so clearly knows VEEP is the only other man to touch his little princess, and when VEEP attempts to leave, because it’s hard to watch this…the presidents forces him to jack off before leaving. AGAIN, this didn’t feel like OMG we must do this so much as hey, the president is an emotionally abusive and twisted jackass who is just controlling (NOT dominating) two people he cares for. one of which doesn’t have a safe word and has already said no Am I still reading this? Yes, yes I am…why? I’m not sure anymore.

-I won’t even share why I had to gag in my own mouth, but I will share:
“I’d still stay. I’d endure anything to stay. But I don’t see this as the worst of you. These sins are the sins of a good man, not the sins of a cursed one.”
uhhh. Endure anything to stay, eh? greer, we need to chat.
-commence with the triad. So, if you’re still with me. greer loves Ash and Embry, yes still. Ash loves Greer and has now even proposed to her. Ash and Embry are caught making out under the mistletoe, -

-which brings us this line: “Is a kiss cheating?” Yes, Greer, yes it is. And the scene sounds like groping too. Whether you forgive it or not is your deal. But cheating. Yes.

-Greer is also gets assaulted/felt up by some Ukranian leader. She notes that this is a difference between dominance and assault. well, duh. But also, if you think that the first menage scene was anything but weaponized sex, I’m not sure what to do. During the scene at the gala, ash proves he's a jackass once again by mentioning to Embry that Greer is sans underwear.

-Embry now admits he loves Greer AND Ash, and doesn’t think Ash loves him. There’s faulty logic here though, because upon being confronted Ash drops the bomb that he proposed to Embry not once, but twice.

-So basically they both, or all three of them carry a torch for the same set of people for TEN years. Without some of my major issues I’d be cheering these 3 on! Sounds perfect!! If only the founding relationships (other than Ash/Embry) were believable to me. Take away some of the major stumbling blocks (and I’d say some major, some other minor violations not aforementioned) and I think this a great unconventional love story.

It ends on a cliffhanger, but it’s unrelated to most of the review here. It’s a pretty dumb one.

Will I read the second one?? TBD.

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