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Once Upon a Winter's Eve

Once Upon a Winter's Eve - Tessa Dare Ridiculous.

This book's premise was ridiculous too, but in this case it was so fun. It didn't try to do too much, it made you love and admire both characters. And holy sweet-talker. Could that be cheesy? If it is I don't care! It was was swoony and romantic.

And omg the opening combined with the "I've got a way to say Merry Christmas you'll never figure out" I'm jealous of Violet. JEALOUS.
And now she understood, he'd been telling her so ever since he'd landed at her feet in the ballroom, and whispered 'Nedeleg laouen.'
I have a new one for you, Violet. So obscure. You'll never guess this one.
that bit of history of the couple is, frankly, magic for me.

Christian was my kind of hero. Devoted, honest, a bit of a badass. He assumed Violet was smart, she didn't need to prove anything. He wanted to deserve her. All packed in a little Christmas novella? I normally wouldn't read these, and I'm so glad I did. I love that Violet never regretted her decision and she was strong enough to know her own worth and figure out a path on her own.

A few more quotes:
"But I can tell you---in perfect honesty, Violet--you're the only one I ever loved."
She remained absolutely still. "Loved. You expect me to believe that you loved me."
"Since when?"
"I...I don't know the precise moment it started, darling."
He rubbed her arms and swore. "I hate that I put you in such a position."
"You misunderstand. I'm not asking you to take pity on me. I'm saying, trust in me. Ask more of me."

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