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The Boy Friend

The Boy Friend - Mika Jolie -This book fell victim to a few pitfalls, if you ask me. One, the voice of the hero, whose POV is the only one we see liked to remind you he's a man like every paragraph. So is he a man, or a character, or just a man-type character? I'd go with caricature given the sheer number of times reference is made to his masculinity.
-The friends-to-lovers is difficult to pull off. I love it, but it's just difficult to do well. This was a bit of strike two for this book. I don't like all the supporting characters telling the main characters they are in love with their best friend. Boo. Also, no one does that in real life in the quantity seen here. the only convincing ones were his male friends that were basically like "ok. whatever. keep telling yourself that but we know the score."
-It's become increasingly common in this male POV of romance novels for the man to be a total douche-player.I'd LOVE to read an all male POV where the guy was sweet, normal, tried hard....are we so taken with the idea of changing the man we have to reform the most repugnant among them in our fantasies?
-Also, give me a reason that 30 year old from a loving fun family wouldn't see marriage in his future.
-Finally, if you loved your best friend would it feel gradual or boom? I don't know, and I'm sure it's not the same but I guess I think if you already LOVE someone and then figure out you also are attracted to them, boom: future mate.

I did like some of it. I kept reading so I guess something worked. The last 30% particularly felt strong. It just seems all of the above are what make a friends-to-lovers risky to pull off.

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